Brisbane customer’s rant at restaurant staff sparks debate

A customer’s heated clash with restaurant staff has divided the internet after a video of the Aussie diner’s standoff went viral.

The war of words was captured on camera by TikToker Bec Hardgrave who’d gone to Karen’s Diner in Brisbane with her friends.

With deliberately “terrible service” and “rude staff”, the infamous burger chain promises “madness” and an “unforgettable experience”.

“At Karen’s you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters and forced to play a variety of games,” the website reads.

“Karen’s Diner is a place where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care.”

A customer and staff member in an argument at the Brisbane Karen's Diner store
Fury boiled over for this Karen's customer in Brisbane after a staff member allegedly made fun of his receding hairline. Source: TikTok

Rage boils over a 'receding hairline'

While Ms Hardgrave said she understood the concept of Karen's Diner, she insists staff went too far when an employee made fun of a male customer’s hair.

“The food was ok but get this, they told this guy that he had a receding hairline and this is what he did.”

Ms Hardgrave's video cuts to a red-faced man standing in front of a male employee with piles of straw and napkins strewn across the floor.

“What’s one thing your f***ing sign says,” the irate customer can be heard yelling at the staff member.

“No body shaming.”

As he points to the sign, undetermined screaming can be heard in the background.

Online, Karen's Diner has a lost of rules which clearly state “no racist, sexist, homophobic and ableist comments,” and “no body shaming.”

But Ms Hardgrave says this was far from the case.

“They were making offensive comments about people’s appearances," the Queensland woman told her TikTik followers.

“They told my friend she needs to brush her hair, like how mean is that.

“They told my other friend that she was too old and threw cups at us.

“I know they’re paid to be mean to you but it was a little hectic. Safe to say I probably won’t come back."

Despite rules against body shaming, Ms Hardgrave says staff at Karen's Diner in Brisbane told her friend to 'brush her hair'. Source: TikTok
Despite rules against body shaming, Ms Hardgrave says staff at Karen's Diner in Brisbane told her friend to 'brush her hair'. Source: TikTok

Social media split over Karen’s experience

With such an unusual dining experience, the internet was divided over who was in the right or wrong.

“You should all know the risks before entering,” one person wrote online. “If you’re too soft, don’t eat there.”

“Do people not understand the concept of this place?” another argued. “If you’re going to get offended and mad, don’t go. Simple.”

But the majority of users were quick to defend the furious customer who'd been insulted over his hairline.

Staff at Karen's Dinner in Brisbane (left) and chicken and chips at the Brisbane store (right)
TikToker Bec Hardgrave says she knew the staff at Karen's Diner are 'paid to be mean' but it was 'a little hectic' while the food was just 'ok'. Source: Karen's Diner/TikTok

“The original concept of Karen’s Diner was fun (harmless jokes like swearing etc),” one person wrote online, “so customers don’t expect straight insults when they go there".

“I went there with my family and at the door they told us the rules, but then they proceeded to break them themselves,” someone else said.

“This restaurant is a MESS,” another added. “It’s not even about being a Karen, it’s literally bullying.”

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Karen’s Diner for a response but is yet to hear back.

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