Kanye West garners 60,000 votes across US

Chris Willman
·1-min read

Kanye West was a man of few words in seemingly conceding a loss in his US presidential run, tweeting simply "WELP KANYE 2024" shortly after midnight.

Later in the night, he deleted the original tweet, which pictured his silhouette in front of an electoral map.

West then reposted it without the "WELP" while leaving the declaration of his 2024 ambitions intact.

The hip-hop titan and his Birthday Party only made it onto the ballot in a dozen US states, missing filing deadlines or failing to accrue enough valid signatures in others.

None of the returns from the states in which he was eligible had him reaching 0.5 per cent of the vote.

As of 8.30am EST on Wednesday, West had accrued just over 60,000 votes acorss the country.

Of the dozen states in which he was a contender, West got the most votes in Tennessee, getting the approval of 10,216, with 97 per cent of the state's returns in Wednesday morning.

That amounted to 0.3 per cent of the state's total and was only about a third of the votes cast for another third-party contender, Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen.

His highest percentage in any state was 0.4 per cent - a result he reached in three: Idaho (3631 votes), Oklahoma (5590 votes) and Utah (4344 votes).

West also received 0.3 per cent in Arkansas (4040 votes), Kentucky (6259 votes), Mississippi (3131 votes) and Vermont (1265 votes).

He picked up 0.2 per cent in Colorado (6254 votes), Iowa (3197 votes), Louisiana (4894 votes) and Minnesota (7748 votes),

On Tuesday, West had shared photos of himself voting in Wyoming, writing his name in in one of the states where he didn't make the ballot.