Kanye gets slapped in the face by Grammys


Kanye West has been hit with some sassy tweets this week, from his own fans to whistleblower Edward Snowden and now the Grammys have come up with a cracker.

The singer took to Twitter on Tuesday to add his two cents about the Grammy awards.

"I'm practising my Grammy Speech. I'm not going to the Grammys unless they promise me the Album of the Year" West Tweeted.

In a brilliantly witty reply, the Grammys wrote: "@kanyewest Is your Recording Academy membership still active? Make sure you vote!" Adding a link to the membership join-up page.

Fans immediately applauded the unknown Grammy tweeter.

"@TheGRAMMYs @kanyewest Whomever sent out this tweet deserves a bonus" Perez Hilton said.

"@kanyewest I think this time they're going to seat you in the back Kanye," Moe Alayan said.

"@kanyewest Can I have the seat they would otherwise have reserved for you then? I'd love to see what Prince looks like in person," Reuben Glaser wrote.

An earlier tweet, which has since been removed was even more cutting with the Grammys saying: "@kanyewest Well don't come then and if that's your attitude Kim isn't welcome either #notimeforhoes".


"I'm Rocking with whoever is handling @TheGRAMMYs Twitter. They giving out them clapback a with apology!! Yasss #notimeforhoes," another fan tweeted.

It isn't the first time this week the American rapper has been criticised for his tireless tweets.

Kanye, who has been persistently flooding Twitter's feed since the release of his latest album, The Life of Pablo, was slammed by Edward Snowden with a recipe of well-played wit.

Edward Snowden, known for leaking security documents on the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance practices, was quick to compare Kanye's plea for fans to subscribe to TIDAL to the agonising and awkwardly infamous speech of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Two words was all it took for Snowden to slap down both men.

"Please clap," Snowden tweeted, referencing Bush's dull speech to a crowd in New Hampshire where he had to personally ask the audience to applaud.

Fans applauded (excuse the pun) his flawless tweet.

"@Snowden @fart @kanyewest Edward Snowden should be pardoned just for this tweet," a fan commented.

"@Snowden you just won the internet, edward," Drew Olanoff added.