Horrific photos emerge of mutilated kangaroo with severed tail - but debates rages over how it died

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A kangaroo missing its tail and five chickens have been killed in what some say is a vile, intentional attack.

A woman from Kempsey, NSW said she was walking through the Little Bay area on the weekend when she stumbled upon the dead animals laying on the ground.

“A very young kangaroo with its tail removed and five dead chooks, two of which had been run over at the end of what looks like a four wheel drive track,” she wrote on Facebook alongside graphic images of the wildlife.

“Shame on the people that’s done this to innocent creatures and shame to your parents that raised you, they’ve done a s*** job,” she said.

“I can’t understand why anyone would do that, I’ve taught my kids compassion for animals.”

Pictured is the kangaroo missing its tail, with a hole in its rear end. Source: Facebook

People were horrified by the pictures and generally sided with the woman, calling the supposed person responsible for the attack a “vile human.”

“Anyone no mater what age who can carry out such cruelty has no place in society,” one person said.

“This is absolutely disgusting, these people are extremely sick human beings,” another said. 

However, several readers suggested the attack appears to be the work of a fox or wild dog.

Pictured is one of the five dead chickens laying on what appears to be a four wheel drive track. Source: Facebook

“If you look at the photo, it's not a stump where someone has cut the tail off, it's a hole, where the fox or dog has eaten into the anus (sorry, but this is what they do), removed things like kidneys and liver (because they love them) and then taken the tail away for a snack,” a woman argued.

A man chimed in, agreeing with her claim.

“That roo was ate arse in from a dog/fox. Exactly how they take down calves and sheep. Would of snapped the chooks necks as well,” he said.

Some readers said that the attack was the work of a fox or wild dog because they often leave holes like that seen on the kangaroo. Source: Facebook

The incident has been reported to For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid (FAWNA).

Yahoo News Australia has contacted FAWNA, the Australian Veterinary Association and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, and the RSPCA for comment. 

Experts told Yahoo News Australia either an animal or human could have caused the animals’ deaths, but it is hard to tell for sure without a vet providing a proper examination.

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