Roo attack puts Qld golfer in hospital

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A golfer is recovering in hospital from significant cuts all over her body after an unprovoked attack by a large kangaroo at a Gold Coast golf course.

Queensland Ambulance Service Operations Supervisor Joel McEwan says the marsupial attacked the 69-year-old woman during a round at the Arundel Hills Country Club just after 9am on Friday.

He says the big roo attacked her from the side without any warning, kicking her to the ground then repeatedly stomping on her as she lay on the ground.

"She's fallen to the ground at that first kick, and then when she's been on the ground, she's been stomped a number of times by the kangaroo," Mr McEwan told reporters on Friday.

"She was walking down the fairway, and the kangaroo's come from the side, and just attacked without warning."

The kangaroo then suddenly stopped its attack and moved away, leaving the woman lying on the ground with significant cuts to her face, head, arms and legs.

The 69-year-old was still conscious and moved into a golf buggy after the attack, with paramedics arriving not long after.

"The patient was quite upset at the scene... Obviously it's a shock being attacked by quite a large kangaroo," Mr McEwan said.

The woman was taken to Pindara Private Hospital in a stable condition, where she's being treated for her injuries.

Mr McEwan said the most serious cut is to her jaw and she may need stitches to help it heal.

The Queensland Ambulance Service has dealt with kangaroo attacks on humans previously on the Gold Coast, but Mr McEwan said this was the first in about 12-18 months.

"They're not common, especially on the golf courses where they get quite a lot of kangaroos," he added.

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