Kaley Cuoco held back tears while talking about her best friend: 'She helped me through so much'

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Kaley Cuoco knows all about the power of female friendship, thanks to her bond with her The Flight Attendant co-star Zosia Mamet.

The Big Bang Theory alum appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, where she spoke about how the Girls star supported her during filming of the show’s second season.

Kaley Cuoco shared how Zosia Mamet supported her while filming their TV series
Kaley Cuoco shared how Zosia Mamet supported her while filming their TV series "The Flight Attendant." (Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)

“Zosia is my co-star and my best friend. She helped me so much through Season 2,” Cuoco gushed to Clarkson. “She basically lived with me the last few months of shooting, we just moved in together. And she, I don’t think I would have gotten to work some days without her. I never thought I had to depend on anyone like that before, and I really depended on her. She helped me through so much.”

Cuoco, who recently split from her husband Karl Cook after three years of marriage, got emotional as she explained how Mamet would come to set on days when she had off, just to have lunch with Cuoco.

“She heard I was having a rough time,” Cuoco explained. “She would sit in my trailer. She’s the best, I’m very lucky that I have her.”

When Clarkson shared how important her own female friends are in her life, Cuoco added, "I'm always promoting that with everyone. I'm like, 'You need to have good girlfriends in your life. It's so, so important.'"

Cuoco and Mamet, who grew close while working on The Flight Attendant, recently got matching tattoos of the word “Boop.” The 8 Simple Rules star shared a photo of herself and Mamet’s new ink on Instagram in April, along with the caption, “I ‘booped’ you many years ago @zosiamamet. Glad we made it official.” Last year, Mamet told The Hollywood Reporter that in their first audition scene together, Cuoco had “booped” Mamet on the nose, which at the time wasn’t in the script.

Cuoco recently spoke to Glamour about finding happiness post-divorce, and reevaluating how she wants her life to look.

“I struggle with what I want, what I think I'm supposed to have. Being fearful, being scared of what the future holds,” she explained. “It's the pressure of family, of kids, of: Can I have all these things? Do I want those things? It's funny how you can have one part of your life feel so f***ing good and the other feels like a mess. I'm learning as I go. But I think it's also knowing that life is really short and you've got to make the move if you're unhappy. You have to move forward."

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