Kacey Musgraves hilariously reveals she had a wardrobe malfunction on Saturday Night Live

Kacey Musgraves hilariously reveals she had a wardrobe malfunction on Saturday Night Live

Kacey Musgraves has hilariously revealed that she had a wardrobe malfunction during her appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The 35-year-old singer took to X, formerly Twitter, on 3 March to share a snap from the end credits of the latest episode, which featured Musgraves as the musical guest and Sydney Sweeney as the host. The episode included a surprise appearance from Sweeney’s Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell, who was also featured in the end credits.

In her post, Musgraves reshared a screenshot of herself smiling and cheering for Sweeney while they were both on stage. However, the country singer was seen with a large blue clip in her hair, as she revealed that she didn’t mean to wear the accessory.

“The clip. I forgot to remove the clip,” she wrote on X, along with a neutral face emoji.

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, fans expressed to Musgraves that the clip still looked good in her hair.

“An accidental fashion choice I eat up though,” one quipped on X, while another added: “THE CLIP, IT’S SO OUT OF PLACE, BUT IT LOOKS SO CUTE.”

A third added: “It looks good on you girl.”

Other people also expressed that before Musgraves posted about the hair clip, they thought that the accessory was supposed to be there.

“It looks cute tho. Wouldn’t have known it wasn’t meant to be there,” one replied.

“Nooo Kacey, you shouldn’t have said anything, everyone would just vibe and you would start a trend, imagine a world where hair doesn’t fall on your face,” another said.

During the end credits, Sweeney expressed her gratitude for appearing on the show, as Musgraves and Powell stood beside her. “This has been such an amazing week,” she said. “Thank you, Lorne [Michaels]. Thank you to the amazing cast. Thank you, Kacey and Glen. This has been so wonderful.”

While appearing on SNL, Musgraves performed two of her hit songs, “Too Good To Be True” and “Deeper Well”. Her performance also comes as she’s set to release her new album, Deeper Well, on 15 March.

During a recent interview with The Cut, published days before she appeared on SNL for a third time, Musgraves explained how she wrote her new album while “craving a return back to the center”. She also joked about how her album could affect some of her listeners.

“I feel like it’s going to be a good responsible respite for the gays,” she said. “They’ve had their popper dance-floor BPM anthems, and this is going to be a good chance for them to sit down, hydrate, reflect responsibly, and then they can get back out there.”