Kabul bombers on Australian terror list

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Who are Islamic State Khorasan Province?

* Australia has formally listed IS-KP as a terrorist organisation since November 2017.

* Its ban means the government is satisfied the organisation is "directly or indirectly engaged in, preparing, planning, or assisting in or fostering the doing of a terrorist act, or advocates the doing of a terrorist act."

* IS-KP is affiliated with Islamic State and follows an extreme interpretation of Islam which is anti-Western, promotes sectarian violence and targets those who do not agree with its interpretations.

* Its aim is to set up a province of Khorasan - the historic name for the region encompassing Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia.

* To date it is been linked to shootings, prison escapes, suicide bombings including a wedding in which 63 people were killed, and an attack on a Sikh temple, among other acts of violence.

* It has now taken responsibility for the death of dozens of Afghan civilians and 12 US military personnel in Kabul, as nations including Australia seek to evacuate citizens and visa holders.

* Australian security and law enforcement agencies are aware of some Australian citizens who have possibly provided support for IS-KP, which in some instances has included an intention to travel overseas in support of IS-KP.

* No Australian citizens have been killed or injured in IS-KP attacks, nor has IS-KP specifically mentioned Australia or Australian interests as a target. But it is formally aligned with IS, which has specifically called for attacks against Australia and Australian interests.

* Australian intelligence agencies have been aware for some time IS-KP had the capability to conduct mass-casualty attacks in Kabul.

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