'Just a toy amongst his friends': Women speak out amid footy sex scandals

A number of women have spoken out amid the plethora of sex scandals plaguing the NRL and AFL.

In a special on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night programwomen who have been involved with NRL and AFL players revealed their shocking treatment.

The NRL’s summer of shame hit a flashpoint recently when a number of sex tapes emerged online.

Speaking to Sunday Night, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said he was left “horrified” by the contents of some of the videos, but admitted his hands were tied if the women were consenting parties.

“When I look at that I am horrified, I am the father of a teenage daughter,” Greenberg said.

“We have to make sure of where there is consent and what is illegal — and if there is no consent we will act in the strongest of terms, as will the law.

“We’ve had a terrible couple of months. [It’s] done enormous damage to the game, the brand, the reputation of the game. It’s been a terrible off-season, the worst I’ve seen.”

Two of the women who spoke to Sunday Night. Image: Channel Seven

What’s often forgotten amid the salacious stories and gut-churning videos is that behind the headlines are real women – women with real regrets, like Belinda Medlyn.

Belinda’s downward spiral began as a casual hook-up with top rugby league player Bodene Thompson a number of years ago, but felt used by their relationship when it allegedly turned into group sex with teammates.

She says she was treated as “…an object. Just a toy amongst his friends. To show off with. I knew what I was doing so I understand my part in all this.”

She admits she was a former stripper and a Penthouse Pet, and everything she did was consensual.

Belinda eventually found herself pregnant with Thompson, and claims he hasn’t had any contact with the 3-year-old for the last two years.

AFL in focus as well

Another woman told Sunday Night that she and a friend were filmed by an AFL player without their consent recently.

“These two guys straight away started taking off their clothes and maybe about one hour in yeah (they started filming us),” the woman named Cindy said.

“My girlfriend yelled out stop videoing.”

Cindy said she fears the player might have shared the video with others.

“I don’t know how many people (have seen it),” Cindy said.

“I just want to know that everything you have taken of me is deleted. Do the right thing by me.”

Watch the full Sunday Night special here.