Just quiche and coffee for acting PM Joyce

Jennifer Rajca

While he loves the fancy new title, Barnaby Joyce is still waiting for his luxury limousine and personal chef.

The acting prime minister has poked fun at his less than glamorous perks while he temporarily takes the reins from Malcolm Turnbull, who is away in Europe.

"I was looking for C1 (the prime minister's BMW) but I don't know it must be in getting washed," he said in a Facebook video.

Instead he had to rent a Nissan Altima.

"I went to find my cook, I couldn't - so we've got quiche and coffee."

Mr Joyce, who was touring a solar project in his rural northern NSW electorate on Monday, said he gets a buzz out of calling himself acting prime minister.

"If something happens in London we might make it a permanent fixture," he joked at the White Rock Solar Farm in Glen Innes.

Asked about his video on Tuesday, Mr Joyce insisted it was just a bit of fun.

"I was talking to the guys, the federal police that come around with us. I said we've done well today fellas we've scored ourselves a Nissan Altima," he told the Seven Network.

"We're very much undercover."

He also joked about being a "new age guy" that enjoyed the pumpkin and rocket quiche.

But he insisted he went back for a meat pie later.