Jumping joey: Baby roo has first forced swimming lesson

Caity Stone

The moment Skippy learned to swim has left the locals in stitches.

An adorable joey wading through water possibly for the first time has been captured on camera.

Local resident Frank Standfast managed to film the mischievous marsupial bounding through the deep water following a recent rainfall throughout the drought stricken region in western Queensland.

The moment the baby roo can be seen bounding through the water. Source: Frank Standfast/Facebook

The vision shot on Wednesday morning shows the baby roo repeatedly jumping up and down through the water in the small country town of Winton.

“This roo born in the drought never learnt to swim,” Standfast wrote as part of his post highlighting how long it has been since they last received rain in the region.

Standfast told Yahoo7, “At first I thought he was in trouble actually, but then I realised it was all good when I got closer.”

The moment the baby roo takes a duck dive and disappears under the water. Source: Frank Standfast/Facebook.
And just like that, the jumping joey emerges once again from the water. Source: Frank Standfast/Facebook.

When asked if the joey had any family members floating around he answered, “Ah, his mother but she didn’t go in the water, she was up the road, she was a bit smarter than him!”

The area has recently received large amounts of rainfall after years of drought with Standfast telling Yahoo7, “132 mm for the week at my place is what we had.”

Standfast happily said the baby roo made it to safety after the brief dip.


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