Julia Morris' shock move reportedly 'horrified' Channel 10

The 'I'm A Celebrity' host reportedly angered bosses after failing to run a major change past them.

Julia Morris did what many women do after a breakup: gave herself a transformation by chopping off her hair.

But it was a move that left Channel 10 bosses not happy with the I'm A Celebrity host, after she lopped off her bob for a pixie cut, post-divorce.

The 55-year-old star debuted her pixie cut in December last year shortly after she announced her split from her ex-husband Dan Thomas after 16 years together.

Julia Morris with brown bob and Julia Morris with blonde pixie cut
Julia Morris apparently shocked Channel 10 bosses when she chopped off all her hair without their permission. Photo: Instagram.com/ladyjuliamorris

The Daily Mail reported that Channel 10 and ITV producers were "left horrified" with Julia's transformative cut after she didn't ask their permission to spice things up.

According to the site, producers wanted her to keep her brunette bob because it's what audiences were used to.


Julia most recently unveiled a new blonde look ahead of the news that Robert Irwin would be joining her as co-host of I'm A Celebrity.

Daily Mail reported that the network decided to dye Julia's hair blonde to match Robert's.

Julia Morris Robert Irwin
Julia Morris will be joined by Robert Irwin for the 2024 season of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Osher reveals hair transformation shocked Channel 10

Osher Gunsberg recently revealed in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Lifestyle that there was a meeting called about his hair after he changed his style halfway through filming the latest season of The Masked Singer.

"I got a haircut halfway through the season, and there was a meeting," he said. "I'm like are, you f***ing kidding me, man? Like, come on! It's hair!"


"Hair does not pay my mortgage. Hair does not employ me. I'd like to think that what it is that comes out of my mouth pays me," he said.

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