Journalists identify at least 46,000 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine

Uniforms of the Russian occupiers
Uniforms of the Russian occupiers

More than 46,000 Russian military servicemen have been identified as victims killed in the war against Ukraine since February 2022, BBC Russian Service reported on March 8, referencing a joint investigation with independent Russian outlet Mediazona.

According to the report, 5,565 of the dead were mobilized troops, and 8,599 were convicts who were recruited into the Russian military. In the investigation, which collects data from open sources, journalists note that the largest number of losses in the Russian army are among volunteer fighters, mobilized personnel, and recruited prisoners. On Jan. 12, they wrote about more than 42,000 Russian military personnel killed in the war against Ukraine.

The journalists write that many reports of the losses were registered during the battle for Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast.

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They have also found out that since February 2022, 12 female Russian soldiers have been killed in the war, most of them serving as combat medics.

As of March 7, the journalists confirmed the deaths of 3,227 Russian officers, 992 of whom were "specialists of the command level of airborne troops, marines, special forces, special forces of the National Guard, and military pilots."

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Among the regions of Russia, the highest casualty figures were recorded in Krasnodar Krai (1,799 killed), Sverdlovsk Oblast (1,575 killed), and Bashkortostan (1,509 killed).

Finally, the investigation found that up to 23,500 fighters from Russian proxies LPR and DPR were killed in the war by mid-January 2024, along with 520 dead from Moscow and 523 from St. Petersburg.

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