Josh Hartnett had 'wild' time at Taylor Swift's eras tour

Josh Hartnett was very impressed by Taylor Swift credit:Bang Showbiz
Josh Hartnett was very impressed by Taylor Swift credit:Bang Showbiz

Josh Hartnett had a "wild" time watching Taylor Swift's 'Eras' show.

The 45-year-old actor - who revealed earlier this year he'd become a father for the fourth time, joining his and wife Tamsin Egerton's three other kids, aged nine, seven, and five, whose names they have not disclosed - admitted he had "never experienced anything like it" when he took his daughters to see the 'Shake It Off' singer in action in London last month.

He told the Hollywood Reporter: "It was wild. I've never experienced anything like it: 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium losing their minds, including my two daughters.

"And people were so respectful, my daughters were given so many bracelets and everything was really sweet.

"It was a good event for my daughters’ first concert."

Josh and Tamsin are usually fiercely private about their home life, but the 'Oppenheimer' star recalled how they took a trip to Italy together on one of their first dates after bonding while making their movie 'The Lovers', which was also known as 'Time Traveller'.

He said: "My wife and I took a trip when we first got together, to Lake Garda in Italy.

"We were in London making a movie together and were about to go our separate ways — I was living in New York and she was in London.

"We were like, we really like each other so let’s see if we should date.

"We decided on this super last-minute trip, since it was a quick flight over there. Her mom actually had to bring her passport to the airport.

"We didn’t know much about each other except from what we knew with working with each other, and we fell in love on this trip.

"We were at this place called Villa Feltrinelli. I was trying to impress her and it was very fancy, they had a Michelin star and it was very small, only six tables or something. They served a carbonara that, to this day, I can’t explain. There was some sort of brown sugar-type magic in there that amplified the cheese. It was a magical moment.

"That day, we’d seen this storm sweep across the lake and then we went inside and had this meal. It was like OK, one day we’re going to get married and have four kids."

But despite how meaningful the visit was, the pair haven't been back, even though they considered it for their 2021 wedding.

Asked if they have returned since, Josh laughed: "No, we haven’t gone back. We talked about going there for our wedding, but it was too expensive. I have to make more movies like 'Trap' to do that."