Josh Allen's 3 Siblings: All About His Brother and Sisters

The Buffalo Bills quarterback has three siblings: Nicala, Jason and Makenna

<p>Josh Allen/Instagram</p> Josh Allen and his family.

Josh Allen/Instagram

Josh Allen and his family.

Meet Josh Allen's teammates for life.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback is one of four children born to parents Joel and LaVonne Allen.

In addition to Josh, the couple has two daughters, Nicala and Makenna, and another son, Jason. In 2017, LaVonne opened up about the close-knit relationship between the siblings.

“They’re the best of friends, and people see it,” the proud mom told the Casper Star-Tribune. “They’re like, ‘What have you guys done with your family that they’re so close?’ I go, ‘I don’t know. We just support each other, and I wanted my kids to do that, too.’"

Nicala, Jason and Makenna often attend Josh's Bills games, in addition to other sporting events he takes part in like the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament at Edgewood in South Lake Tahoe in July 2023.

But just like Josh's siblings show up for him, the NFL superstar is always showing his support for his siblings. Between shouting them out on Instagram and attending family events, the California native has told PEOPLE he's very "thankful for [his] family."

Read on for what to know about Josh's three siblings.

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Jason worked alongside Josh Allen on their family's farm

<p>Josh Allen/Instagram</p> Josh and Jason Allen.

Josh Allen/Instagram

Josh and Jason Allen.

Josh grew up in the small California town of Firebaugh, where he was raised by a family of third-generation farmers. His extended family owns roughly 1,200 acres of farmland in the region and grows cotton, wheat, grapes, melons and pistachios.

His grit and hard work ethic forged on the ranch, combined with the strength he gained digging ditches and hacking away weeds in part laid the fundamental foundation for the dream Josh lives out today: playing professional football.

Between the farm and the gridiron, there's no denying Josh knows his way around a field — and he wasn't alone in his early days grinding it out on the ranch. He was joined by little bro Jason, who's younger than him by 13 months.

Both brothers were raised on the farm and learned to tend to it. In a photo obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Josh and Jason can be seen on the family's cotton field where they would pull weeds.

"The brothers often poured their excess energy into helping their parents on the farm, clearing weeds, digging ditches, setting up irrigation and helping to pick the cotton," according to the outlet.

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Jason and Josh Allen grew up loving football

<p>Josh Allen/Instagram</p> Josh and Jason Allen.

Josh Allen/Instagram

Josh and Jason Allen.

Josh and Jason "were often the two best athletes at every sport they took on," per ESPN. Whether it was baseball, basketball, football or swimming, the outlet reported they "battled each other all day every day."

In a 2018 interview with the Democrat and Chronicle, Josh recalled when his love of football began. “For as long as I can remember, sitting there in our living room watching Monday Night Football, running around the living room table,” Josh explained.

“Me and my brother made tracks around that. We’d run around it and my dad would throw us the ball while he was watching the game," he continued. "There were a few dents in the walls, some broken cases, stuff like that.”

Nicala and Jason made Josh Allen an uncle

<p>Josh Allen/Instagram</p> Josh Allen and his sister Nicala.

Josh Allen/Instagram

Josh Allen and his sister Nicala.

Nicala is married and has started a family of her own, making Josh an uncle.

The proud sister often posts sweet photos with her family on Instagram, sharing group shots of family and friends supporting her younger bro on the football field. Even her baby boy gets in the Buffalo Bills team spirit as she dresses him up in red and blue!

Josh's brother, Jason, also gave him a niece — someone whom the quarterback was looking forward to meeting at Thanksgiving in 2023 when he got to spend the holiday at home.

In November 2023, the athlete told PEOPLE that he was "very much" looking forward to meeting his niece Phoebe when his brother made the cross-country trip. At the time, she was about three months old.

Jason and Josh Allen were competitive with each other growing up

<p>Josh Allen/Instagram</p> Josh Allen and his family.

Josh Allen/Instagram

Josh Allen and his family.

Although Jason didn't pursue a career in professional sports like Josh, he was super competitive with him as a kid.

“It was competitive 24/7, and that definitely helped (contribute) to how competitive I am today,” Josh told the Casper Star-Tribune in September 2017. “Because we'd jump out the car and race to see who was the first one to get the Xbox controller and race outside to be the first one to start shooting hoops."

Their mom, LaVonne, told the outlet that "they pushed each other" on the basketball court and on the baseball field. "When I say push each other, they were competitive, but they were very supportive."

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Makenna is supportive of Josh Allen on Instagram

<p>Josh Allen/Instagram</p> Josh Allen and his siblings.

Josh Allen/Instagram

Josh Allen and his siblings.

Just like Nicala, Makenna is a proud sister. She often posts Instagram tributes to Josh on game day, showing off her Buffalo Bill pride paired with heartfelt captions to her brother and the team.

"Wow what a season.... @joshallenqb you gave so many people something to cheer for in a year full of uncertainty," she wrote alongside a collection of photos at the end of the NFL season in 2021.

"This season may not have ended how we wanted it to, but I am beyond proud of everything you have accomplished thus far and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for you ❤️💙 So proud of you brother," she concluded before signing it with love.

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