Jordan Turpin Says She's Spending Thanksgiving with Her Siblings Nearly 6 Years After Escape (Exclusive)

After helping her 12 siblings break free from the so-called House of Horrors in 2018, the aspiring model remains close with her brothers and sisters

<p>Courtesy of Jordan Turpin</p>

Courtesy of Jordan Turpin

Jordan Turpin shares an unbreakable bond with her 12 siblings.

Nearly six years after helping her brothers and sisters escape their abusive parents and the so-called House of Horrors, the aspiring model, 23, tells PEOPLE exclusively that she'll be celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with her family.

"I'm going to spend it with my siblings," says Turpin, who recently launched a new merch line (her "Doing My Best" hoodie is available through Nov. 27) on her birthday.

As for who's making the turkey? "I do cook, but I'm not cooking this Thanksgiving meal," she quips.

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Earlier this year, Turpin moved into a house to provide her new pets — four puppies and four guinea pigs — more room to roam.

Jordan Turpin
Jordan Turpin

The new space is prime for hosting her loved ones, and Turpin has found joy in creating her own haven.

"I decorated for Halloween, which was really cool, and I decorated for Thanksgiving," she says. "I already have a Christmas tree!"

<p>Courtesy of Jordan Turpin</p>

Courtesy of Jordan Turpin

While her previous apartment was "all pink," Turpin says her new rented home reflects her growth.

"I have it more natural colors, like gray and white and stuff. But I do [still] like to keep my place looking nice and clean. Any time my siblings come over, it's like a brand new house again," she says.

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In her 2022 PEOPLE cover story, Turpin shared that she and her siblings "all look out for each other."

"After everything that happened, I'm so protective over each one," she said. "Nothing could ever break our bond. I always try and stay strong and positive for them."

On days she's struggling, Turpin says she also finds strength in her brothers and sisters: "I have those friends or siblings that I can talk to and go to, and I think therapy's really good."

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