Mysterious 911 call made from Ramsey home three days before JonBenét's body found

Krystal Johnson

A mysterious 911 call was made from the Ramsey home three days before JonBenét's hysterical mother called to say her beauty queen daughter had disappeared.

Lisa Wilson and Nick Van der Leek, authors of The Craven Silence trilogy, have said a silent call was made to police three days earlier and have accused the family of ostracising friends who did not think the family were innocent in the 20-year-long murder investigation.

JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her parents' Colorado basement in 1996. Photo: Supplied

On the evening of December 23, 1996, police in Colorado received the call from the Ramsay residence in which no one said anything and when they rang back, nobody picked up, has reported.

A Boulder police officer then drove to the Tudor mansion to find a Christmas party taking place.

A family friend of John and Patsy Ramsey, Susan Stine, answered the door and reportedly told the officer someone had been trying to order medicine for an ageing parent and claimed she did not mean to dial 911.

Ms Stine would not let police in.

On the evening of December 23, 1996, police in Colorado received a silent call from the Ramsay residence (pictured). Photo: AP
John and Patsy Ramsay hold up a flyer promising a $100,000 reward for information in 1997. Photo: Getty Images

On Boxing day, police received a chilling call from Patsy Ramsey who said that her daughter had disappeared and a threatening ransom note had been left at the home.

Authorities arrived and within a few hours later they found the six-year-old girl's beaten and strangled body in the basement of the home.

JonBenét had unidentified DNA in her underwear and the family have blamed an intruder for her murder.

Ms Wilson and Mr Van der Leek said they believe an incident took place at the party and claimed there was "something serious" to the call.

JonBenét Ramsey's body was found dead beaten and strangled body in her parents' Colorado basement. Photo: Supplied

“We believe something happened at the party,” they told the publication.

“Secrets kept on December 23 were repeated under far more serious circumstances three days later. This time the Ramseys knew they could rely on their friends to keep their secrets.

“Their friends assumed the Ramseys were innocent, and if they felt otherwise later, they were ostracised, sued or accused.”

Ms Wilson and Mr Van der Leek have just released the third book in their series on JonBenet’s death, coinciding with other recent revelations from television documentaries and media investigations into the murder.

DNA evidence does not support a former prosecutor’s decision to clear the girl’s family of blame for her death, an explosive new report has revealed.

Specialists have previously claimed Burke Ramsey killed JonBenét after a fight. Photo: Dr Phil

Forensic experts found that the DNA samples recovered from JonBenét’s underpants and two spots on her long johns came from at least two people in addition to hers.

The existence of a third person’s genetic markers were never made public, according to documents obtained by the Boulder Daily Camera and news station KUSA-TV.

It was something Colorado District Attorney Mary Lacy’s office was told, the report revealed, but a fact that wasn't mentioned when clearing the Ramseys.

That conclusion is at apparent odds with statements made by former Boulder prosecutor Mary Lacy when she cited the report to clear the Ramsey family of involvement in the girl’s murder.

Lacy said in 2008 that the DNA belonged to a single male and there was “no innocent explanation” for its presence other than that it belonged to an unidentified intruder who was the killer.