Jollibee Chickenjoy named the best fast-food fried chicken in the US

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There’s no stopping Jollibee in its quest for world domination. The latest accolade for the beloved fast food chain saw Jollibee’s Chickenjoy named as the best fast-food fried chicken by US-based food publication Eater.

The Chickenjoy reigned supreme in Eater’s tournament-style showdown pitting 16 fried chicken brands against each. They included homegrown US giants and other international imports represented by their most famous products in boned, unboned, sauced, and sandwiched categories

Four fast-food brands were chosen in each category: joining Jollibee under the boned category were Popeyes, KFC, and Church’s; the unboned category included McDonald’s, White Castle, Burger King, and Wendy’s; the sandwiched category had Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack, Fuku, and Bojangles; while the sauced category included Wingstop, Bonchon, Panda Express, and Del Taco.

Individual Eater editors judged the winners in each rounds’ one-on-one matchups. The final round saw Jollibee’s Chickenjoy face off against South Korea’s Bon Chon.

Explaining why she thought Chickenjoy deserved the ultimate win, Eater deputy editor Lesley Suter wrote, “The subtly seasoned skin is as tectonically crunchy as advertised, if loosely attached in such a way as to be able to slide off an entire hunk with one bite. (This actually proved to be a plus, when, two hours later, I dug in with my fingers for a skin-only snack.) But the real surprise here was the chicken itself: satisfyingly light, flavorful in a “tastes like chicken” sort of way, and supremely moist. That was the aspect my kids enjoyed most, too — my 5 year old won’t eat any meat with too dry or stringy a texture, and he plowed through two drumsticks of this stuff.”

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