Johnson suggests tying US foreign aid to lifting gas export ban — report

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson has proposed tying any U.S. foreign aid to lifting the ban on natural gas exports previously imposed by President Joe Biden, Politico reported on April 2.

According to the report, Johnson's proposal aims to persuade House Republicans to approve military aid to Ukraine.

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However, journalists note that the idea is "not a strong enough argument." Sources within the Republican Party told the journalists that while the gas issue would make it easier to vote for additional military aid to Kyiv, some conservatives would likely "expect more."

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“To some Republicans, choosing gas exports as a concession looks too much like a personal win for Johnson even though it’s got a direct link to combating Russia, given the boost to energy producers in his home state of Louisiana, versus a genuine win for House Republicans,” the report said.

The speaker is considering other options to “sweeten the deal,” including turning at least some of Ukraine aid into an interest-free loan—an idea previously floated by Donald Trump.

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