John Qreshi Explains Why Mastering Consumer Behavior & Your Personal Brand Is The Key to Dominate Economic Crisis In 2020

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John Qreshi

John Qreshi Training & Research
John Qreshi Training & Research
John Qreshi Training & Research

New York, NY, Aug. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Written by : John Qreshi – Owner & Founder of Quantum Master Coach ;

John Qreshi, Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Creator of Quantum Master Coach™, Quantum Spiritual School™, Quantum Breakthrough Technique®, Quantum Time Line Techniques® Executive Member of the American Board of NLP & Hypnotherapy has been researching on consumer behavior and helping thousands of leader maximizing their potential explained that if you master consumer behavior and your personal brand then nothing in entrepreneurial world can stop you.

Qreshi further explained that For anyone doing business in 2020, building a personal brand has never been more valuable asset of your business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or working your way up the corporate ladder, the competition has never been fiercer. The key to differentiating yourself from others is to build a personal brand that is recognizable. Your personal brand distinguishes you from competitors and helps build trust with your followers that turns into long-lasting relationships.

Why You Need to Master Consumer Behavior & Personal Brand
Once you master consumer behavior and their psychology you can create a product or service which is based on their needs not on what you want to sell.
People buy identity, transformation and a better version of themselves, People buy emotions and justify it with logic.

In business today, John Qreshi believes that people are more inclined to do business with someone they know and trust. If you can leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience, they will continue to want to do business with you. Also, with the rise of the internet and social media, there are a lot of distractions out there. One way to cut through all the noise is to build a strong and solid reputation. By creating a personal brand based on transparency, honesty, and showing who you truly are, you can quickly and easily build trust. This is something that not many people take the time to craft.

Why knowing Consumer Behavior & Personal Brand Is Important
Qreshi Further Explained that when you know consumer behavior you can know their emotional level pain, surface level pain and personal level pain that allows you to give them solution that they truly need or looking for rather create something of your own without knowing if people are going to like it or not.
Like how mark Cuban has said Create a product or service that make their people’s life easier
Beside at the same time your personal brand connects with people and represents your company’s brand and you can leverage it to increase exposure and attract more customers to your company but, in the end, your personal brand is your own.

John Qreshi ask several business owners, What if you work for multiple companies or leave one industry for another? No problem, your personal brand follows you like a seal of approval if you utilize it right.

When you have a great personal brand, your business may change or even die but your personal brand will not. Your personal brand will transition with you to any business. The truth is, people do not buy into you because of the product or service you are selling, they buy in because of who you are. Personal branding is a safety net. It is a recession-proof formula for your career.

How Mastering Consumer Behavior & Personal Brand Makes You Money
Money follows attention and when you have a great personal brand, you can get attention from a massive audience, especially on social media. This is because an effective personal media brand tells a story that connects people to you and, as they say, “facts tell, stories sell”. Your story is such an important part of your personal brand. It gives you leverage to hook people with your story and offer. With this, you can scale your business and start making 7, 8, or even 9 figures!

People have come to me for help who have 10 or even 12 million followers but are completely broke. This is because they have nothing to sell. It’s not followers that bring you money, it’s how you position yourself with your personal media brand. With a great personal media brand, you don’t need 10 million followers. You only need 100 or so diehard, rabid fans. When you have this, they will do your marketing for you. And, there is no better type of marketing than word of mouth. This is what comes with your personal media brand.

True Masters of Consumer Behavior & Personal Branding
John Qreshi give an example of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos & Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook as true master of consumer behaviors who could understand their audience and their psychology better than anyone else.

John Qreshi believes Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are a great example of being masters of personal branding. They have built a massive following for their personal brands over the last decade. They have both leveraged their audience to launch products and sell millions of units. One of these products, Kylie Cosmetics, has made Kylie Jenner the youngest Billionaire in the world.

Do these entrepreneurs have the best products? Maybe not, but, people buy them because of the brand. This is an added benefit of having a strong personal brand. You can justify charging a premium price for your product and services. Without a personal brand, you just become a commodity that acts as a price taker.

How to Learn Consumer Behavior & Grow Your Personal Brand
1st thing you have to do is to start consuming people’s comment and stop consuming contents. To learn about your audience what are their pain points, their surface level pain their emotional or technical level pain and their personal level pain.

As far as with Personal Branding You already have a personal brand even if you’ve never thought about building one. Don’t believe me? Google yourself! See what the results show. Now, it’s just a matter of leading your brand in the direction you want it to go. You need to define what you want your brand to represent and your audience. After that, all you need to do is start building real relationships with real people and build your brand every day like a habit.

Qreshi explained Mastering the psychology of your consumer will allow you to win & create long term scalable business. As long as you know the pain levels of your consumer you can sell and scale.

At its core, your brand is your reputation. It is essential for your business, your career, and your success. Those who can understand how to yield the power of your networks and brand will achieve significantly more than the average person. John Qreshi has created several companies and helped many entrepreneurs and greatest lesson he has learned is it takes years and lots of effort to build your personal brand to where you want it but only one slip up to tarnish it.

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