John Oliver dupes news programs into airing segment on fake sexual enhancement product

In a segment about the dangers of sponsored content on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Sunday, Oliver proved just how easy, and cheap, it is to get misinformation on local news stations.

“We started a company called Venus Inventions, and created something called the Venus Veil, an absurd medical product based on technology that absolutely does not exist,” Oliver said. “We set up this website, and even hired an actress to brandigrate the s**t out of the Venus Veil into shows it had no business being on.”

The Venus Veil was nothing more than a blanket, but in an appearance on the ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah, the actress had this to say.

“The Veil is being designed with the hope that it will precisely draw out the natural alkaline undercurrents of the vagina, and initiate a low-grade state of what we call micro-death, which sounds incredibly scary, but that's actually just restarting that area's natural life cycle.”

The actress also appeared with the Venus Veil on the ABC affiliate in Austin, TeXas, and even did a live spot on Mile High Living in Denver, after which larger, national media outlets were duped into reporting on the fake sexuall enhancement product.

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