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John Legend's Loved01 line for 'melanin-rich' skin hits Walmart — starting at $10

Love your melanated skin with Legend's Loved01 line, $10 to $15 at Walmart. (Photos: Loved01; Walmart)
Love your melanated skin with Legend's Loved01 line, $10 to $15 at Walmart. (Photos: Loved01; Walmart)

John Legend's new affordable, unisex skin care line for "melanin-rich skin" is enjoying the spotlight and being slathered with high praise from beauty editors and shoppers alike. In the interest of true accessibility, Legend's nourishing Loved01 (pronounced “loved one”) line is now available Walmart — and there's nothing over $15.

Quick overview
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Legend has said that he spotted an underserved community among the "melanin-rich," with limited skincare choices that were often relegated to small corner in the beauty section, and decided to change that with Loved01. These product formulations were created for those with melanated skin (which tends to be more acidic) with the help of board-certified dermatologist Naana Boakye, MD, who takes a holistic approach to skincare. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free and free of sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances.

With the advent of expensive, star-backed lines from the likes of Brad Pitt (Le Domaine) and Jared Leto (Twentynine Palms), Legend could’ve easily used his celebrity status to apply luxury pricing for his rich skin-care line, but that's not his style. At the heart of Loved01 is self-care for all.

To see his own simple, loving routine, check out this series of Instagram posts, where he welcomes fans into his bathroom. Here are the products in order of how Legend, himself, uses them:

Clean up nice with this creamy, moisturizing all-over wash with sea buckthorn and rosehip oil. Like all products in the line, the cleanser is specially formulated for melanated skin, but suitable for all skin types.
$10 at Walmart
Designed for thrice-weekly use, this exfoliating cleanser uses bamboo to remove dead skin cells, natural oils to moisturize and aloe to to replenish. Suitable for all skin types.
$15 at Walmart
Legend may not have a need for shave cream at the moment but anyone else looking for a clean-shaven face, legs, armpits, etc. should take note: This formula contains sea buckhorn, rosehip and jojoba oil to moisturize and ready the skin for the razor.
$10 at Walmart
Post-cleanse or -shave, a calming spritz of this toning mist can minimize pores (thanks, witch hazel) and restore and moisturize the skin. It's an oft-overlooked step that can make all the difference.
$10 at Walmart
This creamy fragrance-free moisturizer will simplify your routine because you can use it all over, from nose to toes. Shea butter, jojoba and plenty more awesomeness is in the mix!
$10 at Walmart
Lock in moisture with this sunflower and safflower oil rich body oil. "Man, you will not be ashy," promises Legend in the Instagram. Use it on your face, body and hair.
$12 at Walmart