Jodie Comer breaks silence on 28 Years Later role

28 Years Later star Jodie Comer has discussed the upcoming sequel, directed by Danny Boyle.

The follow-up to British horror classic 28 Days Later will find Killing Eve's Comer faced with the same apocalypse, which saw the raging infected tearing across the continent.

Ralph Fiennes, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jack O'Connell have also been cast.

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"Having met Danny [Boyle], he's incredibly sure and confident and innovative," Comer told Total Film ahead of shooting. "As an actor to be on a set with someone like that who's leading the charge is so exciting.

"I remember seeing 28 Days Later and I was so struck with how it was so rooted in reality, and it was more about the exploration of us as a species and our behaviour and how we react.

"It felt like there was a lot of emotional truth within the film that really anchored it. That's also what I felt when I read this script," she teased.

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The 2002 original starred Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy, and he has said he's "thrilled" to be getting "the band back together" over two decades later, having signed on as an executive producer.

"I can't give much more at this point, but I've always said I would love to be involved because that movie changed everything for me – I have great affection for it and for [screenwriter Alex Garland and Boyle]. I never watch my own films, except that one.

"It's always on around Halloween and during the pandemic people were constantly sending me clips. And I've shown it to my kids. It's really stood up, even though it's 22 years old now," added Murphy.

Sony Motion Pictures chairman Tim Rothman later confirmed that Murphy's survivor would be back for the sequel.

28 Years Later is set for release on June 20, 2025.

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