JLo levels up her new flippy bob cut with an asymmetric half-up hairstyle

jennifer lopez wears a blowout curly hair style on the red carpet
JLo levels up new bob with asymmetric half-up 'doMichael Tran - Getty Images

The bob trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But what is emerging after a year of French girl bobs, micro bobs, blunt bobs and shag bobs, is a more structured take on the trend. We're seeing gorgeous retro bobs with bouffant and bouncy flippy flicks, cartoon-like shapes without a hair out of place, and Stepford Wives finesse. Side note – if that's the next aesthetic after 'mob wife' I simply will not be able to contain myself.

It's like the lazy hazy casual bobs of the past year have been sent to finishing school. One such example of the bob's polished new take came unexpectedly from the one and only Jennifer Lopez, debuting a mid-length bob at Paris Fashion Week with a serious bounce to that vintage flip.

But with the craftsmanship of Chris Appleton (the Kardashian's go-to hair stylist), JLo just elevated her 'old money' haircut even further with an asymmetric half-up look. The shiny, glossy style balances soft feminine energy with the clean and sharp finish of her sculpted tailoring. Leaning into this juxtaposition it was worn with a hair ribbon, Jen's third of the week, and wittily captioned by Chris; "Bow down 🎀".

If you ever needed any more convincing that the hair ribbon trend was set to be huge-huge-huge in 2024, JLo donning one at all – let alone three times – really shows there are no bounds for this playground hair trend. And we're going to enjoy every single bow.

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