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JLab's new $70 sport earbuds let you change equalizer presets with a few taps

The brand says the JBuds Sport ANC 4’s charging case can boost total listening time to over 60 hours.


Audio gear maker JLab has revealed its latest set of budget-friendly sport earbuds. The JBuds Sport ANC 4 are said to deliver over 14 hours of listening time on a single charge, with the charging case adding an extra 47 hours if active noise cancellation (ANC) is switched off — so over 60 hours in total. With ANC on, you’ll get over 40 hours of use before having to juice up the USB-C charging case, JLab says.

The earbuds have many of the features you'd expect, including multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, an IP66 rating for sweat resistance, sound customization through an app and a few different gel tips to help you get the right fit. They employ a hook design to help keep them securely in your ears too.

JLab Sport ANC 4 earbuds and charging case
JLab Sport ANC 4 earbuds and charging case (JLab)

There are some new features as well. One is called Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation. There are three noise control modes and "optimal noise reduction for up to 25 dB," JLab says. The idea here is to help you stay more aware of your surroundings during outdoor workouts or to filter out noise in loud gyms.

Another first for JLab is the introduction of combo swipe and touch controls. Along with controlling media playback, you can use these to cycle between three equalizer presets. Last but not least, the earbuds support Google Fast Pair and Find My Device for Android.

JLab makes some of the best budget-friendly earbuds around, so a new model with some intriguing features is worth paying attention to. The JBuds Sport ANC 4 are available now from the brand's website for $70.