The Jinx season 2 lands UK premiere date

robert durst, the jinx the life and death of robert durst
The Jinx season 2 lands UK premiere dateSky

The Jinx season 2 is coming to the UK very soon.

Nine years since the original six-part documentary aired, it's been confirmed that Part 2 will officially premiere Monday, April 22 on streaming platform NOW and Sky Documentaries, with instalments dropping weekly.

In The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, the eponymous New York real estate heir's mysterious connection to three separate deaths was investigated; the disappearance of his wife Kathie McCormack Durst, the murder of best friend Susan Berman, and the death of neighbour Morris Black.

robert durst, the jinx the life and death of robert durst

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Throughout the new series, documentarian Andrew Jarecki extends the story by uncovering hidden material, playing out Durst's own prison calls (he was sentenced to life behind bars three years ago) and interviews with witnesses who hadn't initially come forward.

In 2018, Durst was reported to have told somebody close to him that he felt concerned while watching the fifth episode of The Jinx, which saw producers handing him a letter he'd sent to Berman that featured similar handwriting to an anonymous sender who'd contacted the police at the time of her death.

Not only that, though, he'd also misspelled 'Beverley Hills' in an identical fashion.

robert durst trial, 2017
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Durst can be heard saying in the recording: "If I can find somebody who's got something I wrote back then, or even somebody who can say, 'Yeah, yeah, Bob used to write to me. He wrote me a couple of letters. He never misspelled Beverly,' that would be very helpful, I think."

While Durst was convicted of Berman's murder in 2021, he died before he could be tried for McCormack's disappearance.

The Jinx - Part 2 premieres April 22 on NOW in the UK, while US fans can catch it via HBO the day prior.

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