Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Idiotic Taylor Swift Super Bowl Conspiracies


Jimmy Kimmel may have finally seen and heard it all. After hosting his eponymous late-night talk show for more than 20 years, even Kimmel seems surprised by what he described as “some serious crazy talk” that’s happening right now surrounding Taylor Swift.

“The not-too-Swifties got it started,” said Kimmel of who threw the first punches in this all-out war, in which some right-wing conspiracy theorists are suggesting that Swift is at the center of a political-minded plot in which she plans to rig the Super Bowl in Kansas City’s favor then take the stage and declare her support for Joe Biden. Former 2024 GOP contender Vivek Ramaswamy was among the notable names to give life to the theory.

Among the wild suggestions being shared by some GOP conspiracy theorists online, according to Kimmel: that the Super Bowl game is already “RIGGED for the Kansas City Chiefs, Taylor Swift, and Mr. Pfizer (Travis Kelce),” according to Rumble host Mike Crispi.

The bewildering belief here is that Swift is going to make a big show of herself at the Super Bowl by coming out onstage during the Halftime Show and announcing that she’s supporting Biden in the upcoming presidential race, then spreading “DEMOCRAT PROPAGANDA,” according to Crispi.

Swift has remained relatively quiet about her political views, though in 2018, she endorsed Tennessee Democrats Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper for Congress. She has not commented on the latest theories.

“It’s all been an op since day one” was part of a tweet that really got Kimmel laughing. “They learned the word ‘op’ and they’re using it a lot,” the host joked.

Of Ramaswamy, Kimmel couldn’t help but comment: “Even this clown who ran for president, Vivek Ramaswamy, added his nut voice to the chorus of cuckoos,” shared Kimmel.

Ramaswamy tweeted earlier this week: “I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month. And I wonder if there’s a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially, culturally propped-up couple this fall.”

“So let me get this straight,” said Kimmel, in an attempt to clarify. “The same people who believe Joe Biden has dementia and needs Kamala Harris to feed him butterscotch tapioca every night also believe that he has somehow planned and executed a diabolically brilliant scheme to fix the NFL playoffs so the biggest pop star in the world could pop up on the Jumbotron during the Super Bowl during a Kia and a Tostitos commercial to hypnotize her 11-year-old fans into voting for Joe Biden?”

Which, when you put it that way… does sound absolutely ludicrous.

“These people think football is fake and wrestling is real,” said Kimmel, which seemed to be a perfect way to sum up the argument—until he shared video of anchors at OAN and other conservative networks claiming (on more than one occasion) that this was a psy-op, that her dance moves are clearly satanic in nature, and that “the devil surely owns her soul.”

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