Jimmy Fallon Takes Sly Dig At Trump's Stock Market Claim And Crowd Warms To It

Jimmy Fallon taunted Donald Trump on Tuesday for claiming that the recent record highs in the stock market are due to him. (Watch the video below.)

The criminally indicted former president, who hasn’t been in office for three years, claimed that investors are encouraged by polls showing he’ll win in November, which in turn has driven the market up.

The “Tonight Show” host took Trump’s twisted logic a step further.

“Trump was like, ‘If I had not not lost the election, this never would have happened,’” Fallon joked.

The audience got it, it seemed, but the host emphasized the “not not” one more time to make sure the zinger, a reference to Trump’s baseless election denial, landed.

“Even crazier,” Fallon added, “Trump said, ‘Eric and Don Jr., that’s all Biden’s fault.’”

Fast-forward to 1:35 for Fallon’s market mockery: