Jim Carrey And Friends Celebrated His Birthday, And It's The Most Hilarious Guest List Ever

Jim Carrey just turned 62, and the guest list at his birthday dinner included, hands down, some of the funniest people in the world.

Close-up of Jim smiling
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On Wednesday, Jim, aka the legendary comedic actor with a range like no other (The Mask, The Truman Show), celebrated his birthday at the extremely exclusive, private, members-only San Vicente Bungalows in Los Angeles.

The Mask movie poster
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"Roastmaster General" Jeffrey Ross shared a photo of the birthday bash on Instagram captioned "The Laugh Supper !" And from left to right, each person in attendance brought a nostalgic smile to my face.

So once again, I must attempt to break down who's who at an A-list soiree, because the comedic star power is unmatched.

"I Spy Celebrity Picture Riddle" label showing guests at the birthday dinner in a "Last Supper"–type scene
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Up first is John Rigney, who's not a comedian but Jim's longtime business manager, who took him on when he was just a "low-earning, none-too-promising [...] comedian, thrice rejected by 'SNL.'" Thank you, John.

Arrow pointing to John
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Next to him was Jim's Sonic the Hedgehog costar Ben Schwartz, doing his best not to "be suspicious."

Arrow pointing to Ben laughing
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Beside Ben was millennials' favorite wisecracking redhead and creator of the hilarious Robot Chicken, Seth Green.

Arrow pointing to Seth laughing
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Cary Elwes, in all his Princess Bride glory, was there with this "inconceivable" group of funny dudes.

Arrow pointing to Cary (behind Seth) laughing
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The fact that Adam Sandler was sitting next to Jim is wild, considering that together, they've shaped the entire sense of humor of anyone born in the '80s or '90s.

Arrow pointing to Adam laughing
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Of course, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel was present, because star-studded celebrity dinners are his bread and butter.

Arrow pointing to Jimmy (behind Adam) smiling
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Jeffrey was front and center, and I'm assuming it's his 2004 Motorola Razr V3 the waiter used to take this photo.

Arrow pointing to Jeff (next to Jimmy and Howie Mandel) laughing
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Howie Mandel wore his shades indoors because the star power was so bright in that tiny-ass room, he needed UV protection.

Arrow pointing to Howie smiling
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"World-class athlete, elite trainer, and restless explorer" Paul M. Vincent may not be a comedian, but I'm sure he's a bit funny with friends like these guys.

Arrow pointing to Paul smiling
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Comedian and writer Paul Greenberg (I think) was doing a funny face with the best lighting in the entire room.

Arrow pointing to Paul (in front of Paul Vincent) laughing
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You absolutely can't have a room of comedic greats without Bill Burr snug in a corner.

Arrow pointing to Bill laughing
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And we must take a moment to acknowledge how adorably handsome these four men look standing next to one another.

Arrows pointing to Jeff, Howie, Paul Vincent, and Bill laughing
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Craig Robinson's presence took me back to the good old high school days when I was the only heavily melanated guy at the cafeteria table.

Arrow pointing to Craig laughing

Seriously, did a Wayans brother get an invite?

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And then there's birthday boy Jim with his long hair, obviously with a wild, cartoonish expression on his face.

Arrow pointing to Jim with long hair, seated and laughing
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Oh, and I almost forgot David Spade because he's hiding in the shadows like he's got a glove box full of unpaid parking tickets.

Arrow pointing to David smiling with IG comment, "Why is Spade so camera shy?"
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Man, I wish I had been there that night! And I'm not the only one who got a kick out of this decked-out dinner.

GIF of Jim in The Mask saying "SSS-smokin'!"
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Here's what folks are saying:

Scene from "The Last Supper" with comment, "Telling my kids this was Jesus Christ and his apostles"
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"Holy shit what a room"
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Comment from Diplo: "Insane group"
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"Holy shit! How many legends can fit in one room?!"
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"This pic is incredible"
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Did I get all the celebs at the birthday dinner right?

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