Jilted wife's very permanent punishment for her husband's infidelity

A jilted wife on trial for allegedly abducting her husband’s lover devised a rather extreme punishment for his infidelity.

South Carolina woman Tammy Moorer is accused of conspiring to kidnap Heather Elvis after the 20-year-old started a sexual relationship with her husband, Sidney.

Prosecutors contended that Ms Moorer became vindictive after learning of the affair and rumours that the young hostess may be pregnant.

Ms Elvis mysteriously vanished in December 2013. She is now presumed dead.

Heather Elvis vanished in 2013. Images: Facebook/Find Heather Elvis

During the second week of testimony, the jury heard from Jacob Melton, who is friends with one of the Moorer’s sons.

He explained how Mr Moorer had been forced to get a tattoo of his wife’s name above his crotch as punishment, the New York Post reports.

“If you didn’t have that thing with that girl, this wouldn’t be happening,” she allegedly told her husband, according to Melton’s testimony.

Tammy Moorer (right) allegedly forced her husband to get her name tattooed above his crotch as punishment for his infidelity. Image: AP

The court also heard from Ms Elvis’ former employer, Dennis Clark, who explained how Ms Moorer had complained to him about Ms Elvis causing problems for their family.

Both Tammy and Sidney Moorer were charged in relation to Ms Elvis’ disappearance. They initially faced kidnapping allegations as well, but the charges were later dropped.

Sidney Moorer was sentenced to 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice.

Hi wife’s court matter is still ongoing.