'Jibing' is the unexpected new dating trend

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
The modern dating comes with a laundry list of new age terms. Photo: Getty Images

From ghosting to crumbing, benching and even roaching, keeping up with modern dating lingo can almost be as hard as navigating the game itself.

But now there’s a new addition to the already crowded mix: jibing.

And while the phrase is an unusual one to even say, its meaning is perhaps the most millennial of the romantic vocabulary we’ve seen yet.

The term refers to using sites traditionally designed for selling used goods or services as a way to meet romantic partner.

Rise of the jibe

Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or Airtasker for example, are designed to exchange goods or services for cash, but can in fact work as an avenue to meet new people in a similar life situation.

The term’s relevance was explained by relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein to D’Marge where she spoke about how jibing ties into other shifts in cultural norms.

“The benefit is you already have their number so it takes the awkwardness away from asking for someone’s details... it’s easier to text them and say, ‘Hey let’s get a drink sometime.’,” she said.

“The harder thing is when you see someone in person these days, think there’s a connection, and then have to ask for their number.”

Dr Nikki went on to explain the relaxed nature of a casual introduction is more likely to spark an organic connection compared to an often pressure-filled first date.

“You are in more of a natural state,” she said.

“Which is why I think it will work better [than] one of these dates where you’re sitting across from someone with pressure but no inspiration for a conversation.”

All’s fair in love and jibe—as they say.

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