Gay couple reveal 'nightmare' Jetstar flight

A gay couple have described their Jetstar flight as a "nightmare", claiming they were the victims of "homophobic slurs" by a drunk passenger.

Cat Franke and her partner Julz Evans were travelling from Melbourne to Perth on New Year's Eve and said an "intoxicated man" seated behind them set off their radar.

Ms Franke explained her "nightmare" experience in a written complaint to Jetstar, claiming the man first prompted them to kiss before punching the back of Ms Evans' chair.

"When I tried to share a kiss with my partner he pressed his face right up to the gap between our two chairs and started mumbling ‘kiss, come on I wanna see some lesbians kiss’," Ms Franke wrote in the Facebook message to the airline.

Cat Franke and her partner Julz Evans were on a Jetstar flight travelling from Melbourne to Perth on Sunday. Photo: Instagram/ Cat Franke

She said they then chose to sit quietly hoping the man would let them be.

"Unfortunately because we had not met his request he began his homophobic slurs," she wrote.

"He then began to kick and punch my partner's chair while saying how we weren’t equals."

She said the man continued "boxing" with the seat for hours and claimed he became more aggressive when asked to stop.

"I feared for mine and my partner’s lives on that plane, we were physically trapped with someone who wanted to hurt us and make sure we had a terrible time," Ms Franke said.

Ms Franke said the couple feared for their lives on the plane. Photo: Instagram/ Cat Franke

"My partner and I had not done anything to deserve to have such verbal abuse and hate spat at us.

"We sat there in silence unable to communicate or even hold hands over the New Year’s Eve flight."

The Melbourne woman said the Jetstar cabin staff did not try to help and were "giggling" at the man and his intoxication, and had continued to serve him drinks.

"Your staff had been receiving abuse from him too, yet failed to do anything about him other than giggle at his drunkenness," she said.

Ms Franke detailed their

A Jetstar spokesperson told Yahoo7 the crew have submitted an internal report which is currently being investigated.

"We are appalled to hear about the alleged behaviour of a passenger during a flight on Sunday," the statement said.

"Our crew were made aware of the alleged behaviour at the end of the flight while passengers were leaving the plane.

"We do not tolerate any discriminatory or offensive behaviour on board our flights."