Jets rookie Brandin Echols picks off Tom Brady, then asks him to sign the ball

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Tom Brady's most costly throw of the game on Sunday led to one of his classiest moves.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback led his team to a 28-24 comeback win against the New York Jets, but he had a little more ground to make up thanks to how he ended the first half.

Down 14-10, a potential Bucs scoring drive ended in an interception to Jets rookie Brandin Echols, who returned the ball 30 yards to set up a field goal right before halftime:

Brady ultimately overcome that interception with 18 unanswered points in the second half, while Echols finished the day with four tackles, a pass defended and his second career interception. After the final whistle, Fox cameras caught Echols approaching Brady in postgame handshakes with his interception ball.

Brady obliged his request to sign the ball and shared some words with the 24-year-old defensive back.

When the majority of defenders you face grew up watching your prime with the New England Patriots, this sort of thing is bound to happen, so credit to Brady for giving an opponent a nice moment and a significantly more valuable souvenir.

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