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Jet ski duo have wild encounter with great white shark near Sydney: 'So lucky!’

The large shark circled their jet ski several times in an encounter the photographer described as 'mind-blowing'.

As an ocean photographer, CarvedBanks has seen his fair share of sharks off the Australian coastline. But one incredible experience with a ‘huge’ great white has topped all other encounters.

Setting out on a jet ski early one morning with his brother, the Sydney-based photographer was on a mission to find a great white – and in the early morning light they soon found what they were looking for.

In spectacular drone footage, a “curious” great white almost the same length as their jet ski approaches them several times.

Drone footage shows a great white shark approaching a jet ski off the Sydney coast, coming within metres of the vessel.
The great white shark circled their jet ski several times in an encounter the photographer described as "mind-blowing". Source: Carvedbanks
A great white shark swims through water off the Sydney coast.
The brothers filmed the shark from all angles, under the water, above the surface and from the sky. Source: Carvedbanks

“We’ve come across some incredible creatures on the water but this encounter has to top the lot,” Carvedbanks wrote on his Instagram. “Curious great white shark came over for a closer inspection of us foreign aliens visiting their waters. A beautiful encounter with a fascinating creature.”

In the clip, the two men are stunned by the predator’s interest in them.

“He’s a decent size. He’s huge! He’s coming towards us,” they exclaim. “F***ing hell he is a beauty!”

Followers stunned by 'beautiful' footage

The video – which appears to have been filmed earlier this year – was reshared over the weekend, attracting more than 16,000 views.

On the original video, Carvedbanks described the encounter as “mind blowing”.

“To be this close to a great white is difficult to put into words, the excitement in our voices gives you some idea of how mind-blowing it was,” he wrote.

A shot of the drone controller shows a preview of the spectacular footage of a great white swimming below.
The photographer captured his experience with the great white on his drone, sharing the stunning footage to social media. Source: Carvedbanks

Viewers were stunned, with many labelling the video as “awesome”.

“So lucky! How incredible,” one person wrote.

“That’s soo beautiful,” said another.

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” one viewer added, while another joked that the brothers’ great white encounter was “followed by a great brown encounter”.

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