Jessica Raffa

Celebrity Partner: Gerrard Gosens

Jessica, 24, has been dancing since the age of 3. She started her dancing career with the Junior Australian Ballet, then ventured into Ballroom.

This led her to compete on both a national and international level for over ten years. She was trained in London by World Champion Latin dancers such as Brian Watson and John Eftidal. At 15, Jessica competed at the prestigious Blackpool Ballroom Dancing Competition in 1999.

Eight years ago, Jessica joined the cast of 'Burn The Floor'. She started teaching dance to blind and vision impaired people after performing a blindfolded dance in the show. Jessica has taught throughout Australia and the US, working closely with Vision Australia.

Togther with producer Harley Medcalf, Jessica created the non-profit organisation Blindfold, raising money for deaf and blind children in Australia.

Jessica was the head spokesperson for 'Burn the Floor presents Floorplay', representing the company at promotional events in Australia, China, Japan, Europe and North America. Two documentaries have been aired in Japan focusing solely on Jessica's life and role in 'Floorplay'.

This year, Jessica assisted Jason Gilkinson with his choreographing duties on So You Think You Can Dance.