Jermaine Pennant taken off air by Sky Sports News as viewers accuse him of slurring words

Ewan Somerville

Former Liverpool player Jermaine Pennant was taken off Sky Sports News this morning as viewers accused him of slurring his words.

The pundit had been part of a discussion on transfer talks but the host began directing questions at other guests.

Before the programme was over Mr Pennant, 37, vanished from the screen after producers opted to take him off air.

A Sky Sports spokesman told the Standard: “Jermaine Pennant was a guest on Sky Sports News this morning.

Jermaine Pennant played as a winger for Liverpool (Getty Images)
Jermaine Pennant played as a winger for Liverpool (Getty Images)

“A decision by our production team was made to take Jermaine off the programme before its conclusion because his performance on-air failed to meet our production standards.”

The broadcaster would not say whether or not he would be appearing on the show again.

Amid accusations on social media that he had been drinking, Mr Pennant insisted in a statement that he "didn't go out last night".

"There are no excuses here, I am eager to have a career in TV and hope I haven't done irreparable damage," he added.

The ex Liverpool winger was not asked a question for 15 minutes, before he was replaced by Sky Sports journalist David Reed during an ad break.

Mr Pennant played for 14 clubs, a total of 400 match appearances that also included Arsenal and Leeds.