Jensen prevails in Tangney rerun

The Liberal State Council has thrown its support behind climate change sceptic and nuclear power advocate Dennis Jensen, delivering him preselection for the seat of Tangney today.

The local branch of the Liberal Party had attempted to dump Dr Jensen in favor of Toyota finance executive Glenn Piggott but today's decision overrules the previous preselection ballot and means Dr Jensen will contest the next election as the Liberal's candidate.

Dr Jensen easily won the council vote with 76 votes to Mr Piggott's five.

The third candidate in the preselection race, Alcoa government relations executive Libby Lyons picked up 28 votes.

Dr Jensen said he was pleased with the outcome but indicated it was not unexpected.

"I'm extremely pleased with the result and I'm sure my supporters and constituents will be as well," Dr Jensen said.

"I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Tangney and the Liberal Party."

Dr Jensen has survived several previous attempts to oust him from his federal seat, most recently when the State council decided not to accept the local branch choice of Mr Piggott, last month.

Instead the State Council opted to make their own decision and interview the candidates themselves.

Dr Jensen managed to avoid an attempt to dump him in 2006 when the State council overturned local preselectors objections to his continued endorsement after the then prime minister John Howard threw his support behind the controversial candidate.

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