Jennifer Aniston has 'big dick energy': Karen Pittman recasts her “Morning Show” costars on “And Just Like That”

Billy Crudup as Carrie Bradshaw? We'd watch.

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty; James Devaney/GC Images</p> Jen Aniston and Billy Crudup; Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth

Kevin Mazur/Getty; James Devaney/GC Images

Jen Aniston and Billy Crudup; Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth

Karen Pittman could have a second career as a casting director.

On the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly's 3 Rounds video series, the two-time Screen Actors Guild Award nominee was tasked with recasting her The Morning Show costars on her other hit series, And Just Like That. While some of her choices are the logical ones, she also makes some bold, unexpected calls.

Check out some of her choices below. And watch the full episode of 3 Rounds, EW's popular video series that welcomes celebrity guests for three rounds of cocktails, conversation, and competition. In Pittman's episode, we invited the 2024 SAG nominee to The House of Campari to look back at past projects — including Yellowstone, 30 Rock, and The Americans — and plan an epic brunch...with a twist.

Billy Crudup as Carrie

"I think I’m going to have to do a [gender] swap here, because Carrie Bradshaw is a little crazy genius, you know. You love her and you hate her and you love her again, and I think that’s [his character] Cory Ellison from The Morning Show," says Pittman. "I feel like that’s Cory big time, because he’s a little crazy but you kind of love him."

Nicole Beharie as Seema

"Seema’s very...she’s very smooth. I really think that that’s Nicole Beharie.... I think Chris Hunter, her [The Morning Show] character, is a little bit different but Nicole Behari is very, sort of, you know, self assured, and she’s got of nice little baubles and she drives around a beautiful car and I think...Seema is Nicole.

Reese Witherspoon as Charlotte

"Charlotte is easy. I think that that’s Resse. I think that Reese is very sort of homey, and she gives me good vibes, and 'Everybody’s going to be good' and 'It’s going to be fine!’ Very sort of Charlotte in that way."

Mindy Kaling as Lisa

"I think that’s Mindy Kaling because Mindy has a je ne sais quoi about her, and I think that’s definitely Lisa Todd Wexley."

Marcia Gay Harden as Che

"Did I already say Marcia Gay Harden? I think Che is Marcia Gay Harden because Marcia Gay Harden gives me a little non-binary. She gives me a little non binary. She’s kind of switching on me."

<p> Apple TV+; Courtesy of Max</p> Karen Pittman on 'The Morning Show'; Kim Cattral on 'And Just Like That'

Apple TV+; Courtesy of Max

Karen Pittman on 'The Morning Show'; Kim Cattral on 'And Just Like That'

Karen Pittman as Samantha

"Did I say Nicole Beharie yet? Samantha might be...Mia," says Pittman, deciding she might switch from Nya. "She kind of tells it like it is. I think that might be Samantha. We saw in season 3 [of The Morning Show] Mia got a little [wink.] She got a little [wink] behind the scenes, so we like her for Samantha."

Mark Duplass as Aidan

"I feel like that’s Mark Duplass. [His The Morning Show character] Chip works with his hands. I feel like he could be a carpenter — a bad carpenter, but he’s a carpenter none the less, so I think that that’s Chip. That’s Mark Duplass."

Jennifer Aniston as Big

"I think that’s gotta be Jennifer. We’re gender-swapping. I don’t think it’s Jen because poor Big, he died on a Peleton.... Not on a Peleton, he died after he got off a Peleton. But jen has that big personality, like she could take care of.... She has that big dick energy thing, and that’s Big."

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