Jenna Dewan's kids always come first

Jenna Dewan's children come first credit:Bang Showbiz
Jenna Dewan's children come first credit:Bang Showbiz

Jenna Dewan's kids always "come first".

The 43-year-old star - who has Everly, 11, with ex-husband Channing Tatum, and four-year-old Callum, as well as another baby on the way, with fiance Steve Kazee - has been adapting and changing according to the needs of her growing family, but her children are her number one priority, no matter what.

She told People magazine: "Like everything else in life, you learn as you go. You shift and evolve and you adapt to how life is presenting itself to you. That includes getting the new normal of a blended family.

"Kids always come first. How you feel about your kids. How you treat your kids. Kids always come first above everything else."

The 'Step Up' actress' daughter is particularly excited about Jenna's pregnancy.

She said: "[Everly] is the oldest, so she gets it the most. And I think because she was still so young when Callum was born, this will be really special for her.

"She's just going to have more responsibility, but she's also going to have more wisdom to her."

The 'Rookie' star welcomes having another child in her 40s because she thinks she has learned a lot from her life experiences.

She said: "It feels like I always knew that this would probably be the path for me, even as a kid. I think I knew life got better as I got older if that makes sense.

"I'd never understood that like, 'Oh no, it's all over once we get older.'

"Life's only shown me that the more time I have in this life, the more I've learned, the better experiences I've had. Everything just kind of feels better."

Though Jenna isn't planning to stop working when the baby arrives, she knows she will need to make some "lifetyle and home changes" to juggle everyone's needs.

She said: "There's three schedules versus two, and I do work full-time, and it's a giant moving calendar at all times.

"But I have an incredible partner and I've gotten it a little bit down now, how to multitask with schedules. You have to be okay to be open and ask for help when you need it.

"I do think there's something about being in the energy of kids and their lives.

"Just everything you go through while raising kids keeps you in a youthful place because that's what you're around. That's your life."