Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb have hilarious disagreement on viral snack drawer trend

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb have hilarious disagreement on viral snack drawer trend

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager had some very different opinions on the viral snack drawer trend.

The two TV hosts had a friendly debate about eating snacks while in bed during an episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna, which aired on 22 August. The conversation came as they were discussing the popular TikTok trend, where people keep a drawer of snack under their beds.

As Kotb noted that she’s someone who enjoys snacking while in her bed, she went on to introduce the trend to her co-host.

“There’s a new trend for people who are like-minded. So people are now developing a snack drawer under their bed,” Kotb said, while showcasing a video on TikTok of someone putting a variety of sealed treats in a drawer.

Some of the snacks that were put into the drawer included Cosmic Brownies, Rice Krispie Treats, Pringles, Takis, and small bags of chips. The woman also added jars of wrapped Hershey’s kisses and Airheads to the drawer.

The TikTok user went on to praise the sneaky snack trick, quipping: “Restocking the snack drawer under my bed just in time for hot girl summer.”

On the recent episode of Today, Kotb noted that there were “a lot of snacks” that were placed in the drawer, before Bush Hager chimed in to question the trend. “It looks organised, though, but Rice Krispies Treats?” she said.

Bush Hager said that Kotb was “jealous” of the snack drawer concept, and even jokingly offered to get her co-host a similar drawer for Christmas. However, Kotb explained why she wouldn’t necessarily be open to the idea.

“I​​ actually don’t like bugs,” she said. “So if there were a slight risk of bugs, I wouldn’t do it.”

While discussing the snack drawer trend, the pair also disagreed about whether they eat food in their beds.

“A lot of people like to snack in bed. I feel you and I’m with you. I think it’s a good idea,” Kotb said, before Bush Hager chimed in: “Disagree.”

Although Kotb said that “a sleeve of Ritz crackers is good to have” in bed, Bush Hager proceeded to explain that the snack can create a lot of crumbs.

“Can you imagine what a sleeve - first of all, of Ritz Crackers - does to your sheets?” the daughter of former President George W Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush said.

After Bush Hager told her co-host to “stop eating in bed” because “it’s crummy,” Kotb disagreed and said that the habit was “cosy”.

When Kotb wiped the table with her hand, to poke fun at how she’d get the crumbs off her bed, Bush Hager candidly responded: “So that it’s all over your ground? In your New York City apartment where little mice like to come and eat a Ritz? Crazy.”

On TikTok, the #snackdrawerundermybed hashtag has more than 29.3m views, as multiple videos continue to show people putting snacks in their drawers. In one clip shared in October 2022, a TikTok user even documented how she put Halloween themed snacks, like candy corn, under her bed in honour of “spooky season”.

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