Jelly Roll Ordered Food from Uber Eats While on Set for Uber Eats' Super Bowl Commercial (Exclusive)

Catering was available on set, Jelly Roll tells PEOPLE, "but I'm on a strict diet, so I ordered some Tender Greens"

Starring in this year's Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial is an extra massive deal for Jelly Roll.

"I've never done any kind of commercial, so for my first commercial to be with one of my most used apps on my phone and for the Super Bowl is a big bonus," the country star, 39, tells PEOPLE.

In the Uber Eats TV spot, which debuted in full on Tuesday, Jelly Roll looks at himself in a mirror and expresses shock at the fact that his face is covered in tattoos and expresses that they're "horrible" before attempting to scrub them off.

<p>Uber Eats</p> Jelly Roll

Uber Eats

Jelly Roll

The commercial also features Jennifer Aniston forgetting she's Friends with David Schwimmer, Victoria Beckham forgetting she was a Spice Girl and Usher forgetting he's this year's Super Bowl halftime show performer. Ultimately, they all learn that no matter what they've forgotten, Uber Eats can bring it to their doorsteps.

Jelly Roll felt honored to be in the mix. "The first thing I said when I walked onto the commercial set that day was, 'Yo, I don't know who the f--- was sitting in a room writing this and thought, wouldn't it be funny if Jelly Roll was scraping off his tattoos?' But I love that person forever," he says. "Dude, it don't get no bigger than a Super Bowl commercial."

The "Save Me" performer admits there's "some truth" to his disparaging comments about his face tattoos in the commercial. "I don't think they're great... I've had them so long, I forget they're there sometimes," he says, claiming he's likely done with getting inked. "I'm about out of places to put them."

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Neilson Barnard/Getty

Jelly Roll

The Tennessee native was especially excited to work with Uber Eats, as he orders "everything" from the service. "We do all of our grocery shopping, house shopping and all that stuff on Uber Eats," he says, "and anytime we're at a studio, Uber Eats is like catering."

While filming the commercial, the Grammy-nominated singer had access to a spread of actually catered food to eat — but he's currently on a strict diet, so he instead turned to Uber Eats and ordered a healthy meal from Tender Greens.

"I walked in, and I was joking, and I said, 'I just ordered Uber Eats on an Uber Eats commercial. I feel like somebody should've paid for it.' The next day, I don't know who heard me say that, but I got a credit on my Uber Eats account," says Jelly Roll. "Nobody's taken credit for it yet either, and that's cool. It's a mystery."

<p>Taylor Hill/FilmMagic</p> Jelly Roll

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Jelly Roll

Even though Jelly Roll plays himself, the Uber Eats commercial marks his first time attempting to act, and the experience has inspired him to continue. Shortly before this interview with PEOPLE, he took a lunch meeting with his agent to express interest in future acting roles.

"I expected to hate it because all my music friends are like, 'You're going to hate acting,' but I had the opposite experience," he explains. "I love telling stories and I love telling stories, and I think this is another way for me to tell stories."

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<p>Unique Nicole/Getty </p> Jelly Roll

Unique Nicole/Getty

Jelly Roll

The complete Uber Eats commercial airs during Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday. Jelly Roll will be in the stands at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, for the big game — but he's "struggling" to decide whether to root for the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers.

"I'm going to play the middle here because Kansas City is a city that's near and dear to my heart," says the musician. "If I really had to pick, I'm probably going to cheer for the 49ers because I'd love to see George Kittle get one, but super happy for Travis Kelce and Patrick [Mahomes] if they win too."

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