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‘Jekyll and Hyde’ massage therapist jailed for 11 years after sexually assaulting clients

Mongkhon Thopwan (Met police)
Mongkhon Thopwan (Met police)

A male massage therapist who sexually assaulted two women was described on Friday by his victims as a “Jekyll and Hyde” character as police said he may have preyed on others who are yet to come forward.

Mongkhon Thopwan, 54, who lived and worked in Kensington, was jailed for 11 years after being convicted of five counts of assault by penetration and one of causing a person to indulge in sexual activity without their consent.

Thopwan had targeted the young women who had been clients over some time. Detectives believe he may have assaulted other women and encouraged them to come forward.

One of the victims of the crimes he was being sentenced for at Isleworth Crown Court, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I had been a client for some time with no problems. He was friendly and polite. Then one sat a switch flicked like Jekyll and Hyde. He became a person I not recognise and forced himself on me. It was devastating. He had built up trust.”

They added: “I lost a relationship over this and there is an impact on mental health. You blame yourself when it’s not your fault. Seeing justice done is so important. The police have been brilliant throughout. I would encourage others to come forward if they have been victims. The justice part of this has been empowering.”

The first attack occurred in November 2020 when a women in her 30s attended the Thai massage parlour in West Kensington for massage therapy.

Thopwan was arrested.  A second victim, a woman also in her 20s, was sexually assaulted in June 2021 at the same location.

Thopwan was arrested again and charged in connection with the offences. The licence of the massage parlour was withdrawn.

The second victim said: “I considered keeping this serious assault a secret and staying silent because I really really could not bear the thought of ever repeating what happened. It felt too weird, humiliating and hideous. When I think now about the anger, sadness and anxiety that would have eaten at my soul had I not said something, that hurts.

“Running on adrenaline and complete panicked I phoned my best friend and she persuaded me to phone the police, oh gosh am I glad I did, it was instantly not my secret. . It was out there away from me, away from my heart, away from my soul. And as a result I had a supportive network holding me up and holding me tight.”

Detective Constable Natalie Witt, the investigating officer from The Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “I applaud the tremendous courage and bravery of these two woman, as without their evidence we would not have been able to remove this sexual predator from our streets.

”The circumstances of the offences meant there was no forensic or CCTV evidence available and it was the powerful testimonies of these women which secured the convictions. I would appeal to anyone who has been victim of a similar attack to contact police.”