Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex Says He Boasted About Being a Mossad Agent

Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty
Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty

A former girlfriend and victim of Jeffrey Epstein is suing the late sex trafficker’s estate, claiming he boasted of being a Mossad agent before raping her at his New York mansion.

The California woman, referred to as Jane Doe 200 in a new lawsuit, says she met Epstein through a friend in Los Angeles in 2000. What began as a platonic relationship turned romantic—before Epstein sexually assaulted her a year later.

During their time together, Doe says, Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell hinted he was an agent for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency—just like Maxwell’s father, Robert. For her part, Ghislaine allegedly “warned Doe that it was not good to be Epstein’s enemy.”

“It became obvious that Epstein was not only extremely wealthy but also suspiciously well-connected, more so than all the other powerful men with whom he associated,” adds the suit filed in Manhattan federal court on Monday.

“Despite being in a committed relationship often spending nearly around-the-clock time together, what Epstein did for work was not clear.”

Epstein, who bragged of being on the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, would later invite Doe to a networking event attended by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the suit says.

Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years For Sex Trafficking Girls to Jeffrey Epstein

He also name-dropped world political figures, billionaire businessmen, and notorious international criminals, the complaint states.

“While he was gentle and kind to Doe most of the time, Doe did observe Epstein’s explosive, uncontrollable anger toward others,” the lawsuit says.

Doe’s complaint provides another window into Epstein’s world and is one of several pending lawsuits related to the trafficker’s crimes after his 2019 death. Earlier this month, one victim sued renowned psychiatrist Henry Jarecki for allegedly exploiting her and other young women Epstein had also sexually abused.

Brad Edwards, an attorney for Doe, told The Daily Beast, “In addition to Epstein’s rotation of victims, there was typically one person who he made believe was his girlfriend, usually completely in the dark about his criminal abuse.”

“Jane Doe 200 was that girlfriend during this period of time, which means she learned more information than most other victims,” Edwards added. “In the end, Epstein violently raped her in a manner far worse than his usual modus operandi. This victim has lived in a particular fear for a long time and she deserves justice.”

Doe’s lawsuit names Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, the co-executors of Epstein’s estate, as defendants and alleges battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The Daily Beast has contacted a lawyer for Epstein’s estate for comment.

While the accuser believed she was in a committed, monogamous relationship with Epstein—until he “forcibly raped her” at his Manhattan mansion—he was also abusing underage girls in Florida and elsewhere.

As part of his long-running trafficking scheme, Epstein and his associates lured girls and young women to his luxurious homes with promises of career or financial help, then forced them into sexualized massages.

When Doe met Epstein, he inquired about her passions and “made it clear that he was a well-connected person and offered to introduce her to world-renowned scientists and other professionals in fields in which [she] was interested.”

Epstein even introduced Doe to his brother, mother, and friends. Their dates included visits to auction houses and antique shops and one helicopter trip to Princeton University to attend a lecture by Epstein’s friend, Professor Martin Nowak.

Back then, Epstein claimed “he had only had sex with five women in his entire life,” including British socialite Maxwell, his former girlfriend and now convicted accomplice “who was around frequently” as Epstein’s friend.

While Epstein’s strategy with Doe was different, the complaint says, he “infiltrated her life in a unique and arguably more disturbing way.”

“Epstein over the course of months, caused Doe to believe they were in a committed relationship, that she was one of the only real girlfriends he had ever had, and that he cared for her,” the legal filing states. “Once he knew Doe felt the same way, he forcibly raped her.”

The incident occurred in fall of 2001, when Epstein was getting a traditional massage at his Upper East Side mansion. The masseuse began kissing Epstein, and Doe became upset. But before Doe could leave, the complaint says, “physically forced her face down on the massage table and violently vaginally penetrated her.”

“Given the violence behind the rape,” the lawsuit says, “Doe knew in that moment that she had to escape.” She feared Epstein would retaliate if she reported him to police, so she fled to California and broke up with him.

“Doe genuinely believed that any reporting of the rape by what she believed to be a Mossad agent with some of the most unique connections in the world, would result in significant bodily harm or death to her,” the filing says.

Still Epstein tried to contact Doe frequently. In 2003, Epstein offered her a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to network with influential people, and she accepted the invitation because she was facing immigration issues.

“Doe, while hesitant to be in Epstein’s orbit again, attended the networking event purely for work purposes,” the complaint says.

She met Google’s Page and Brin, and Epstein told her several of the people at the event would spend time at his New Mexico ranch afterward. She joined them there but avoided Epstein so that he couldn’t assault her again.

“Doe frequently continued to be contacted by Epstein,” the suit says, “and despite her belief that Epstein could harm or kill her if he did not get his way, given the immense harm he inflicted on her, she refused to ever see him again.”

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