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Jeff Fenech's brother admits to child sex abuse

The older brother of former world boxing champion Jeff Fenech has admitted to sexually abusing a young boy in western Sydney more than four decades ago.

Paul Godfrey Fenech gave the boy and his friends alcohol after inviting them over to his property to go horseriding in the 1980s before molesting the young teen.

On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty at Penrith District Court to indecent assault of a male, buggery, and detaining for advantage after a plea deal was struck with crown prosecutors.

A further charge of indecent assault of a male will also be considered when Fenech faces a sentence hearing on June 23.

According to agreed facts in the case, the now 66-year-old met the victim through a friend and organised a visit to his place a week later.

After drinking beer together on the veranda, the boy felt uncoordinated and woke up on Fenech's bed about 7pm.

"He was naked. He felt like he was unable to move or speak. The offender was next to him. He was also naked," agreed facts filed with the court say.

Fenech then proceeded to sexually abuse the boy, who at one point asked for a drink of water in an attempt to flee.

"The offender followed the victim and forced him back to the bed. The victim called out and then heard his friends in another room," the agreed facts say.

"While the victim was being sexually assaulted and detained, the offender threatened to cause serious harm to the victim."

Before the boy was picked up by his parents the following day, Fenech again told the young teen to keep things quiet.

The victim eventually provided a statement to police in 2020 and Fenech was arrested on February 19 last year.

In a police interview, he said he could not remember any of the incidents recounted by the victim or the names of the young children involved.

As part of the Crown's plea deal, six charges were dropped against Fenech including four counts of indecent assault of a male, one count of assault, and one count of detain for advantage relating to another teen who was there on the day.