Jaymes Diaz's excruciating interview

The Liberal candidate for one of Australia's most marginal seats has become an online sensation after stumbling his way through an excruciating, six-minute interview.

Jaymes Diaz, the candidate for the western Sydney seat of Greenway was caught out by some classic gotcha journalism when he was asked to spell out the coalition's six-point plan to stop asylum seeker boats.

Clutching the Coalition's sacred 'Real Solutions' brochure to his chest, James Diaz, who last election was known as Jaymie Diaz, struggled to name a single point beyond 'stop the boats'.

"We have a six-point plan to make sure that we do stop the boats," Mr Diaz said.

"Six points, could you run through them for us," the reporter replied.

"Well, I can run through all the details of the points, but look, the main thing is…".

The reporter then explained that Mr Diaz was never able to name the points.

Mr Diaz narrowly missed out on winning the seat in 2010, finishing just 0.9% behind Labor's Michelle Rowland - essentially costing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott a place in The Lodge.

Mr Abbott has defended his candidate as young an inexperienced, facing off against an experienced journalist.

Video of the encounter has gone viral on social media and has even been picked up by international media.

The Huffington Post has published the incident, likening it to 2012 Presidential candidate Rick Perry's infamous 'oops' moment on the campaign trail.