Jason Donovan shares joy at being reunited with missing cat after 5 months

The Australian star told The One Show more about the incredible turn of events that saw him reunited with his pet that he thought had died.

Jason Donovan shared the 'incredible story' of his cat's return. (BBC screengrab)
Jason Donovan shared the 'incredible story' of his cat's return. (BBC screengrab)

Jason Donovan has shared more about the incredible story of how he was reunited with his missing cat after five months.

The former Neighbours star shared the happy news that Pixie had been found earlier this week and during an appearance on The One Show he explained how she had made her way back home.

Donovan also looked back over his years performing in The Rocky Horror Show and said that he thought his current music tour might be his last.

Donovan warmed animal lovers' hearts this week when he shared the moving moment he was reunited with his cat Pixie who had been missing for five months.

The singer and actor had started to believe she must have died but he got the unexpected news that she had been found and posted the moment he went to collect her on Instagram.

Speaking to The One Show on Wednesday, the former Neighbours star called it an "incredible story" and told what he thought must have happened to her.

He said: "We lost Pixie in January, she was 14 years old, she just disappeared one day. It's been tough but you just have to come to terms with the fact that probably something has happened.

"Anyway, we held out hope and because of the microchip law that had been changed, someone had brought her in to be microchipped and we got a phone call from a vet in Dagenham, we're in west London, and she's back home. What an incredible story.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 16: Australian actor and singer Jason Donovan attends The Forth Awards 2023 at Usher Hall on November 16, 2023 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns)
Jason Donovan is delighted Pixie is home. (Redferns)

"She's in good condition. I hate to think what she's been through, very traumatic experience."

Speculating on what might have happened to her, Donovan added: "We think maybe because she's a very sociable cat she might have been out the front of the house and jumped into an Amazon van or something and got transported across town.

"It's been a very odd time but you hold out hope and technology landed on our side and a bit of luck."

Sydney, Australia. 3rd April 2024. The Rocky Horror Show 50th anniversary tour, Theatre Royal Sydney, 108 King Street, Sydney. Pictured: Dylan Alcott performs the role of Narrator, Daniel Erbacher the role of Rocky, Deidre Khoo the role of Janet, Darcey Eagle the role of Columbia and Jason Donovan the role of Frank N Furter. Credit: Richard Milnes/Alamy Live News
Jason Donovan stars in The Rocky Horror Show. (Alamy Live News)

The star is currently touring some of his greatest hits with his Doin' Fine show, but said that he thought it might be his last time out on the road singing.

He said: "Live music has been a massive part of what I've done ever since Neighbours...I don't think I'll really be doing too much touring like this. I'm 56, I'm starting to feel it a little bit."

Donovan is also back in The Rocky Horror Show, a musical he has a long history with after meeting his wife Angela during a 1998 production.

He said: "I think it's a very different musical, for a long time they were a certain genre and Rocky Horror is a cheeky musical about being different. It's about dreams and there's a little bit of Rocky Horror in all of us."

The star added that he felt at home with the show more than in other musicals, saying: "When I started out in musicals as Joseph, I was in this technicolour coat or turning into Peter Pan and I was listening to too many Nirvana records at that time so I was frustrated.

"Joseph has an incredible place as well, but Rocky Horror is such a character led piece and as an actor I feel very comfortable with that."

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