Japan outlines aspects of submarine bid



  • Japan will present three options to the federal government for a build in Japan, a build in Australia and a combination of the two. All three will seek to maximise Australian industry involvement.

  • The design will be based on the Soryu Class submarine currently in operation in Japan. The Japanese Navy has six Soryu subs in service and four more under construction.

  • Japan has committed to transfer technical information to Australia "in an appropriate manner" to ensure Australia's sovereign capability to operate and sustain the new submarines.

  • Japan is committed to sharing its production and management systems with Australian defence companies to enhance the quality and cost of the local submarines.

  • Japan has more than 100 years of submarine design and construction experience and has produced more than 50 submarines since World War II.

  • Japan says all its submarines have been delivered on time and offer excellent reliability.

  • Industry partner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has already established an office in Adelaide to engage with local defence companies.