In Japan, McDonald's Milkshake And Pudding Is An Unrivaled Pairing

japanese caramel pudding in bowl
japanese caramel pudding in bowl - masamasa3/Shutterstock

Japan is well known for being a food travel destination. From sushi with the freshest seafood to ramen with the most flavor-packed broth you'll ever taste, cities across Japan attract foodies who are looking to travel. The cherry on top, however, is the plethora of unique desserts that Japan offers. Japanese cheesecake, for example, is a more airy take on the rich version found in the U.S. Matcha Mont Blanc combines Japanese and European flavors. Best of all, these desserts are never too sweet or rich.

This is why we're not surprised to see a new dessert pairing go viral on TikTok. This sweet and creamy combo involves a quick stop at Japanese McDonald's for a milkshake and a run to a convenience store for a Japanese custard pudding called purin. The video's creator, jukananan727, showed how if you take a vanilla McShake and add a cup of purin on top, you have a smooth dessert that you can eat with a straw or with a spoon. The video left users in the comment section wishing they could visit Japan to try it themselves. This pudding milkshake should be treated as evidence of why, in the words of one commenter, "Japanese desserts are so elite."

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Japanese Food Is All About Innovation

McDonald's japanese pudding milkshake
McDonald's japanese pudding milkshake - TikTok

In Japan, whether you want to replicate the milkshake pudding pairing or not, it would be a wasted opportunity not to visit their convenience stores. Convenience stores in Japan, like the globally popular 7-Eleven, take convenience seriously. Visiting one is the only way to fully experience their greatness. You can find not only daily necessities and supplies like masks and sunscreen but also quality meals and desserts that are fresh and ready to eat. What's more, Japan boasts innovative packaging that is made for convenience. Genius sauce packets and no-mess wrappers make eating easier. Jukananan727 breaks a plastic tab to release the pudding's suction from its container. It's a simple design and changes the eating experience for the better.

In the same way, what is a trip to Japan if you don't hit up a McDonald's? McDonald's restaurants across the globe all feature different menu items and specialties to show off the flavors of their country. Take Japan's Teriyaki McBurger, for instance. In terms of sweets, many of the desserts at McDonald's in Japan are an ideal mixture of sweet and savory, like a sweet potato McShake and chocolate-covered french fries. This doesn't mean they shy away from the classics. Like the vanilla McShake, you can find all the same soft servers, shakes, and McFlurries you love in Japan's McDonald's, too.

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