Jane Fonda stuns Drew Barrymore with ‘adult toy’ especially for her

Jane Fonda has surprised Drew Barrymore with an “adult toy” gift live on air.

Appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show on Wednesday (23 March) to promote their new film titled Move On, actors Fonda, 85, and Lily Tomlin, 83, were discussing the ways in which they relax.

The film follows two women who reconnect to get revenge on the husband of their deceased best friend.

Barrymore asked Fonda about how she relaxes with “baths and meditations” and whether it was true that there’s “an adult toy involved.”

Fonda, appearing to look shocked at first, explained: “There’s my bed, there’s my dresser. And in the top dresser drawer, you would freak out if you saw what’s in there.”

The Barbarella actor then brought out a mystery box for Barrymore, explaining: “Especially for you, I have an adult toy.”

An ecstatic Barrymore then pulled out a bright blue vibrator and pretended to use it as a phone, thanking Fonda for the generous gift.

Fonda and Tomlin also starred in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, about a pair of women who are rivals until their husbands fall in love with each other.

Barrymore pretented to use the sex toy as a phone (The Drew Barrymore Show / YouTube)
Barrymore pretented to use the sex toy as a phone (The Drew Barrymore Show / YouTube)

Elsewhere in the interview, Fonda discussed filming Moving On only days after finishing Grace and Frankie and praised Tomlin for embracing a completely different character.

Fonda explained: “Ten days after we finished Grace and Frankie, we started filming Moving On. And one of the joys for me – we knew it was really important to be playing characters that were completely different than Grace and Frankie – was watching her be this totally different person from the person I had been playing opposite 10 days earlier.”