Popular weather presenter Jane Bunn axed in rumoured 'network rivalry'

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Seven Weather presenter Jane Bunn has been axed from her radio gig at 3AW. Photo: Seven

Weather presenter Jane Bunn revealed she has been axed from her presenting gig, causing speculation from fans that she is a victim of ‘network rivalry’.

The wildly popular presenter announced she was ‘no longer required’ at radio station 3AW on Tuesday, triggering an outpouring of sadness from her dedicated followers.

“I’ve just been told that after 5 years delivering Melbourne’s weather on @RossAndJohn 3AW that as of now I’m no longer required...” she wrote.

Some of the comments by fans speculated whether the axing came about after Nine’s takeover of 3AW, following the Fairfax and Nine merger last year.

3AW has been contacted for comment.

Jane is best known for presenting the weather on Seven News in Melbourne, and with a rival network owning the radio station, fans believe a a conflict of interest may be behind the decision.

"A shame Jane. The 3AW - Nine link is biting hard. Move on to bigger and better things,” one astute observer wrote.

“3AW owned by 9,” another wrote. “Hmm wonder why they don’t renew contract of someone from #7?(sic)”

"Hmm I wonder why?..... Here's a little obvious hint. 3AW owned by Nine Network and 7 network rival and AW news bulletins now called "9 news". Their loss,” seemed to be the consensus.

3AW is owned by Nine after the Fairfax merger in 2018. Photo: Getty Images

3AW’s clash with Seven under Fairfax Nine merger

3AW is a station within Macquarie Media Radio.

The company merged with Fairfax in 2015, and was therefore rolled into the wider deal struck between Fairfax and the Nine network in 2018.

The Nine Network has taken over Macquarie in the wake of the Fairfax merger, reportedly planning to phase out the name and house them under the Nine brand name.

Now under the Nine umbrella, presenters working across multiple mediums on multiple channels can find themselves caught between rival networks.

As a news presenter for Seven, and radio presenter for a station owned by Nine, Jane’s axing may not have come out of the blue, but that doesn’t mean fans are taking the news well.

Jane has a dedicated online fan base. Photo: Facebook/janebunnofficial

Jane’s online following

Jane has something of a dedicated fandom online, having won local hearts presenting for the WIN network earlier in her career, and now presenting on the country’s top news program nightly.

With over 55k followers on Facebook, and a fan page with over 1000 dedicated local admirers, Jane is something of a legend in Victoria.

One fan famously had the presenters face tattooed on his arm as a show of dedication in 2018.

Unsurprisingly her absence from the radio program has sparked considerable backlash.

“Their loss Jane... you're a gun,” one fan wrote.

“What?! WTH (what the hell) are they doing down there at 3aw?!?!” another wondered.

“That’s a dumb decision,” another wrote.

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